Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am thinking of my people livng in Santa Fe for 400 years!

So fiesta's is coming up very soon.  The original celebration was to commemorate the peace between the Spanish Conquistadors of Don Diego De Vargas and the native peoples of what is now Northern New Mexico.   Today it is something much different.  People use it a an excuse to get shit faced and what not, blah blah blah whatever this post is not a whine session.  Any way I just was looking over some photo's I took of Luis Tapia's show last year.  I know Luis's from my good friend and Luis's son Sergio.  Its been an honor getting to hang out with Luis and Sergio through the many years I have know them. I have learned so much from these two men about my culture and the history of New Mexico.  Cheers Hermano's

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